March 2023

December 2022

Dr Buchman quoted in the article, Who ‘deserves’ a donated organ, when the alternative is death? How moral judgments creep into medical choices, by Carine Abouseif for the Globe and Mail.

May 2022

Compassion in Digital Mental Health. Dr Buchman in conversation with Dr Nelson Shen on the podcast, Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare hosted by AMS Healthcare.

March 2021

Stigma and the importance of believing people. Appearance on the podcast, Everybody Hates Me: Let’s Talk about Stigma, hosted by Dr Carmen Logie:

January 2021

Rachel Cooper: Changing the narrative. Accidental Intellectual Podcast.

December 2020

Organizations and patient stories. Appearance on the podcast, Matters of Engagement hosted by Jennifer Johannesen and Emily Nicholas Angl:

February 2020  

What is the impact of opioid-related stigma and the danger of reproducing it? Canadian Dental Association Oasis Discussions, February 21st, 2020,

February 2020

Reducing stigma to improve health. University Health Network Corporate Newsroom, February 12th, 2020,

November 2019

Targeting each of the four types of opioid-related stigma can bring health policy and social change. Dalla Lana School of Public Health News, November 26th, 2019,

March 2019

There’s a chronic pain crisis in Canada, and governments must address it. The Globe and Mail,

March 2019

Researchers mapping the pain within the brain. CTV News at Six—Toronto.

October 2018

Mapping the pathways of pain. Krembil Magazine Volume IV (Globe and Mail insert),

Summer 2018

Reducing stigma. UofTMed Magazine. Topic: Cannabis.

February 2018

Handing out naloxone doesn’t fix opioid crisis: U of T researchers. Appeared on Dalla Lana School of Public Health News and University of Toronto News, February 13th and 14th, 2018.